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Ambassade Cabinet Conseil is a leading French consultancy specializing in human services for the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.

Founded in 2006 by a former 3rd generation chef, in collaboration with a dedicated team, Ambassade Cabinet Conseil offers its years of experience, including 3,000 customer references and a database of 120,000 profiles, to a new division dedicated exclusively to international clients thanks to « International-ACC ».

From talent sourcing to headhunting, our qualified team will assist you in your search for the best people, from operational staff to executives and professionals, whether French or foreign.
We also offer in-house workshops led by renowned experts in gastronomy, patisserie, sommellerie and many other fields. These sessions will enable your staff to acquire new skills and perfect their existing ones.

We also offer auditing, consulting and service quality assessment services via mystery shoppers. Our expertise extends to presentations at forums, conferences and trade shows.

Our services draw on centuries of expertise, from royal times to iconic chefs such as Escoffier, Bocuse, Ducasse and Robuchon, as well as the exacting standards of the Michelin Guide. Our commitment to gastronomy, luxury, culture, tradition and craftsmanship serves the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering industry worldwide.

Deyrat Julien
CEO & Founder Ambassade Cabinet Conseil

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